Worth a shot

Thought this was cool so had to share… Bit of Baby Reflexology for all you natural parents out there :)


I want to burn some sage and sit in a circle with friends. I want to cleanse my aura. I want to dance around with the smoke trailing off. I want the wind to blow and the flowers to dance with us. I want to howl at the moon. I want to kiss the sky. I want to climb the tallest tree and soak up the energies of the land. Brothers and sisters, I love you all. ~~~<3~~~

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Left to right. 7g diesel, 27 xanax, 2 Roxy, 1 adderal, 1g silver haze dab, 14g blow, 20 hits of acid

Molveno Lake, Dolomites, Italy, by Giovanna Griffo